Vin diesel really danced for 7 minutes in video make fans go crazy

vin-diesel dance-video
vin-diesel dance-video
Vin Diesel dancing in video

Vin Diesel the star of fast and furious series showed the other side of the coin when he uploaded a video on his Facebook page. This caused an uproar in the fan world.


When a star like Vin Diesel posts something like this it is bound to be a big concern for the fans. The video posted by Vin Diesel is 7 minute long, which he uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday. This video became an instant hit and has a whooping 700,000 likes since then.

Every Body loved what this star has to show. In this self-made video Vin showed his moves that made fans go crazy, as a result fans went from sharing on Facebook to Twitter about the video.

The muscular body of the star moved on the creations of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”. He made the video named “you know i love music”, 90,000 comments have been made since the video was put online.

Vin diesel made his 63 million fans get to see his amazing moves first. Many turned to twitter to give their reaction and to spread the word.

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image: gageskidmore

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