Charge your cellphone before boarding flight to US


If you are boarding a flight to US then be sure to charge you phone or it can get confiscated.


According to the new rule of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) passengers will have to turn on their cellphones before they go in for boarding an overseas airplane at some of the international airports.

So if you are planing to travel to America then you better check the battery of your phone as well as laptop before you leave for airport. You can also be told to turn on your phone if it is powers off.

This action is taken as a measure to make your air travel more secure. According to TSA explosives can be carried under a cellphone or a laptop shell.

If the phone is working that means that it has all the parts in it, leaving no space big enough to fit explosives in. 

This new rule goes with all the gadgets that are battery operated, If any of the gadgets has a flat battery then it can be become a hassle for you. If you are not able to turn your device on then you have to leave it on the airport in order to board the plane.

These new rules were implemented as the American intelligence agencies were getting information about the threat from the terrorist groups.

These rules are permanent or not this all depends on the time to come. It is also not detailed from TSA that flight to or from which countries and airports are going to be monitored.

According to reuters two of the leading line of phones, Apple iphone and Samsung galaxy series phones are to be checked extra carefully. It is said that yemen based terrorist group has found a way to convert these phones into explosive devices.

It is possible that after this there can be some extra security delay after the implementation of these new rules.So if you don’t want to stuck in those long security check procedures be prepared before leaving for airport.

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