Batman’s tumbler ‘batmobile’ goes on sale for $1m

batman tumbler batmobile

Batman’s batmobile replica is up for sale at $1m, this is an exact replica of the batman’s tumbler which was used in batman series. This vehicle surfaced on James edition a luxury market website, according to seller this is a street legal vehicle which you can actually drive on the streets. however the seller did specified that this batmobile replica is not for daily use.

batman tumbler batmobile
Original batman tumbler “batmobile”

This batman’s Tumbler replica have custom rims with a 44 – inch wheels, it also has a music system which can play CD/DVD with Bluetooth support and ipod integration, this can satisfy your daily music needs. Under the batmobile replica there is a 8 cylinder engine from which tumbler drives it power from.

This is a right hand drive vehicle which means that steering where is on left side, it also has five cameras placed on different places to assist the driver while driving and parking of the vehicle 3. The only color available for batmobile is black. This is a dream machine for every batman fan , if you have $1m this batmobile replica is up for sale.

We can guess that this cars mainly targeted for the American market because of the steering wheel. The manufacturers of this vehicle has specified that they are going to make only five units of this batmobile replica.

If you are that much of a big fan of batman movies and thinking of buying this car, you must hurry before the stock runs out.

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