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By visiting you agree to the terms of usage and data collected by the website. This privacy policy describes how your personal information collected by is used.

Cookies uses cookies to store information about user of this website to serve you better. cookies can store data about which pages you visited, browser you used and other related content. cookies are small file which is used for recognition of you coming back and usage of a website based of this data adds are served to you.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

google is a third party vendor of adds and uses cookies to serve you.

Google’s  DART cookie lets them and its partners to serve adds on from the data collected from and other websites.

If you don’t want cookies to collect these kind of information user can opt out. you can get information about this here google adds.

Third party Advertisers

third party advertisers also uses cookies. Every advertiser have their own respective policies for collecting your personal information. These advertising use their ad servers differently to gather information and these policies are to be implemented where tabtotab privacy policy doesn’t apply to.

You can refer to this link for the privacy policy of some of these third party advertisers Privacy policy to know how they use personal information and how you can opt out of these third party services.


By using you agree to the terms of privacy policy and the use of information.

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