How to do a proper backup for your data safety


Backing up our data is not so interesting thing to do when we think about it but we regret a lot for not taking a backup in case something goes wrong. It’s better to be prepared for such a situation you don’t have to be at tech genius to do these kind of stuff as there are many options available. We should know about what we want to back up and how to do it.

Taking backup is only important for corporate guys if you think so than you are wrong we have a lot of photos and videos that we love. If anything goes wrong, photos and videos shot during long-span of time are not going to come back.

You will regret as those moments can’t be repeated. You don’t have to worry about these things if you take proper backup before anything goes wrong.

Proper ways of taking backup for data safety.

proper backup for your data safety

Taking Backup on Computer.

Taking backup on your computer that may be a windows or a mac is easy as well as effective. For windows you have to go to “start” and then type backup and click “backup and restore“, then click backup option and select the drive you want to store your backup to. Backup frequency can also be specified to take regular backups. Now if any thing goes wrong your windows pc is secured.

Mac comes with a feature named time machine which takes backup. you can take the backup in networked drive or you can attach an external hard drive and get the backup of your mac in that drive.

Taking backup in external drive

Backing up in external drive is a nice thing if the hard disk of your computer crashes. while choosing a hard disk you must take a one with space bigger than the drive of your computer.This will help you to take backup multiple times on same hard-disk and if anything goes wrong you can choose which backup to install in order to get your device running with your desired backup.

On-Line backup

On line backup is the most secure back up you can have for your data as they are totally secure. These are the best options in case of fire or hard disk crashing or other mishaps. On-line backup gives you total security as they store your data away from you in their storage servers. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection.

On-line data backup is totally secure in your password protected  account so only you can access it. The downside to it is that for taking a big backup like your full computer you have to pay. They usually costs a few dollars monthly  if you want to secure your data with a peace of mind this not such a big cost.

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Backup is an essential feature, feel free to tell us about how you backup.

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