Swiftkey makes way to IOS with their note taking app swiftkey Note

New App Swiftkey Note

Swiftkey the company who made the fabulous prediction keyboard for android has finally made their way on IOS with their new app swiftkey note. Before you get your hopes all fired up i must tell you that this not a keyboard replacement for your IOS primary keyboard. No doubt we all want to experience the predictive text feature which swiftkey feature in their Android keyboard. Swiftkey note does gives this feel of predictive text in their new app swiftkey note. Swiftkey note is a note taking app with the same predictive feature, if you take notes on daily basis than this app can increase your productivity many folds.

With the new app Swiftkey note you can take your notes and sync it with Evernote. There is a bar added to standard keyboard of IOS when you write there is a three word suggestion on the bar to quick select the desired word. If you swipe to the left you’ll see that there are options like bold italics there to make changes to text. The more you type more smarter this app becomes in prediction what it does is notes down your individual pattern of word usage and predicts the words based on that data.

If you have an Evernote account and have synced it to the app swiftkey note than the app will look into your notes archive of evernote and will get an idea of how you write. At the moment swiftkey note have a support for five languages english, french, german, italian and spanish. notes can be shared via copy to clipboard, airdrop, mail, message and evernote.   Swiftkey has made quite a remarkable place in android space with their keyboard but in IOS it’s the new kid in the block.

This new app swiftkey note has released its first version in itunes app store, we expect to see more features added to the list in the coming updated of the app. This can be one of the most desired note taking apps with its features and its gaining popularity in those people who like to take notes, this will make that process even faster.

Swiftkey note is currently available in itunes app store for free.

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