Amazon prime music launches streeming music with 1m songs




Amazon launches a service called prime music for amazon prime subscribers, which can let user to choose from 1 millions songs for steaming or cache download.

Those who have already paid for Amazon prime subscription, they can use the service of prime music for free and this is for those who live in US. Paid subscribers will get access to a library of a million songs at their disposal that to ad-free.

Amazon also has a try before you buy option, which lets you try the Amazon prime music for 30 days for free. After the trial period the service gets automatic signup for 1 year at $99 unless you cancel the subscription before trial period ends.

Amazon prime music is still small as compared to its bigger rivals such as Spotify. Spotify has a strong songs collection of 20 milllion songs, which is lot more that what Amazon prime music has to offer.

Amazon prime music is a new service and will increase the collection of songs with time, when you go for amazon prime music you should take into notice that you won’t find the music hits from last six months as some of the companies who signed a deal with amazon that they can add their song only after six months from their release.

With Amazon prime music you won’t be able to enjoy the music numbers from Universal Music Company, May be amazon will try to add the universal music in future, as for now universal music songs are not going to make way to you by Amazon prime music.

Where Amazon prime music differs from other steaming music services is, amazon gives prime as a package and you get prime music as a service of the prime package. Where other streaming music companies only gives streaming music as an option for your subscription, amazon prime will let you have free ebooks, videos and TV content, prime also offers you 2 day shipping on the products you buy from amazon in addition to the prime music.

Amazon Prime music can be enjoyed from phone, tablet and PC. Amazon will roll out the prime music app for ios,android and amazon’s kindle.


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