Samsung mocks apple with their new galaxy tab pro 10.1 commercial



Samsung USA launched a new commercial yet again we see that this commercial mocks apple ipad air. This is not the first time Samsung has done something like this, this video compares galaxy tab pro 10.1 with apple’s ipad air. Samsung posted this video on their Samsung’s YouTube channel, few days back we saw apple made a pencil commercial for their new ipad air  so Samsung made their own pencil commercial mocking ipad air.

In video it is seen that Samsung is comparing galaxy tab pro 10.1 to ipad air, the video say that ipad air lacks the ability if multitasking and is slimmer than ipad. Samsung galaxy tab pro 10.1 is 7.3 mm in thickness where as ipad air is 7.5 mm thick. The add also points to screen by saying “your HD screen is killer for videos” this refers to the screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 at 299 ppi which is greater than 2048 x 1536 at 264 ppi.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Commercial

Samsung commercial says “next big thing is here:.

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