Qualcomm to bring 64-bit snapdragon 410 chip with LTE 4G support

Qualcomm is all set to bring 64-bit technology to low-cost smartphones with snapdragon 410, It also has LTE 4G

Earlier this year Apple unveiled its new 64-bit processor, which created a lot of hype in tech world. Now Qualcomm has made plans to launch its own 64-bit processor, snapdragon 410 also has LTE 4G support. Snapdragon 410 is made on same 28 nanometer architecture as snapdragon 800.  This chip is mainly focused on  the market of low-budget phones. Qualcomm is targeting on devices of  $150 and lower, they want to give them 64-bit technology experience in low price


It is expected that this 64-bit chip will show on devices in second half of 2014. After Apple’s A7 64-bit chip Qualcomm made the 64-bit world hot again, this snapdragon 64-bit 28nm chip is targeted at emerging Chinese market.

Apple devices which hold the possession of 64-bit processor lands in premium devices like iPhone 5s, iPad air, which are pricy and doesn’t comes in everyone’s range. So Qualcomm will give same technology to low-budget smartphones.

Earlier vice president and chief marketing officer called Apples a7 processor a “marketing gimmick”with “zero effect“. So qualcomm decided to make their own 64-bit processor, As for today there is no Android device to have a 64-bit chip. Earlier Samsung declared that they are going to launch a 64-bit processor phone in market very soon. This was a much expected step from Samsung after the launch of apple’s A7 64-bit chip in their iPhone 5s

Read: Qualcomm full press release.


snapdragon 410 with Adreno 306 GPU will give a 1080p video experience, and can support camera up to 13 megapixel

there will be LTE 4G support for faster network speed

it also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM and NFC, where as navigation is concerned GPS, GLONASS, and China’s new BeiDou are supported.


Qualcomm is trying to bring 64-bit and 4G technology to all the low-budget phones,



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