Google’s Spot the robot dog, is getting Kicked


It all starts with the kick this robot dog gets, it feels bad for the dog being kicked. Don’t get a bad feeling about this, all this is done to show you the stability of the quadruped. This robot dog which is developed by Boston Dynamics has some amusing way to balance itself when kicked.


Goggle bought Boston Dynamics last year, being a Google subsidiary all the workings of Boston dynamics are controlled by the parent company.Earlier this morning Boston dynamics posted a video of Spot the robot dog on YouTube. In the video the company showed its new project Spot, unlike their other projects like Big Dog, spot is quite silent.

The electric powered spot with hydraulics keeps the jogs more stable while keeping up with speed.

The video made us a bit sad when Spot got kicked at the office and later on at the parking, Spot got kicked at the parking so hard that the robot had to scramble to balance, believe me spot did a pretty good job at that.

Design of the robot is well made so that it can pass through places with very little room, Spot can pass through busy streets where it can easy balance itself to reach the destination.

Boston Dynamics is still making progress even after the change of ownership, the progress is showing that company is keeping its pace on robotics development. The Department of Defense stakeholders are more likely to be happy with the company in making a leap forward in the world of robotics.

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