Apple ipad air review


Apple ipad air review with tech specs and prices of different storage capacities


Apple ipad air is the new eye candy in ipad saga, apple made this device really easy to handle with thickness of  just 7.5 millimeters which makes it 43% thinner than its predecessor. Your hands will be at ease with new ipad air as it weights just about a pound which is 28% lighter.

Being slimmer just adds to the design, it has the same smoothness in the back design. This big brother of ipad mini is no where less, as design of mini is considered to be a revolution in design. It is a delight to hold this device in hands, placement of speakers at the bottom adds to the design, you can consider ipad air as the 9.7 inch version of ipad mini as far as looks are concerned.

When it comes to speed it is fast when we say fast we mean really fast, it is powered by A7 – chip 64 bit processor which is a new innovation in processors of  tablets. Apple is long known for launching new technologies in electronic world, this time it’s 64 bit chip in phones and tablets, this is a step taken by apple to make hand-held devices more fast and more responsive.


Buttons are very conveniently placed so that it can be reached with an ease, buttons are packed efficiently giving it a strong feel. you may get disappointed to know that you won’t get a touch ID as your home button as you have in iphone 5s.

Storage is a big factor for deciding which option is best for you, ipad air goes from 16GB to 128GB, if you don’t want to get low on storage as apple app store host loads of apps in its app store. If you like to store a lot of music and apps we suggest go for a bigger storage.

apple-ipad-air-review-02Various storage capacities of ipad air counter the expendable storage of android tablets to the fullest, more over inbuilt storage makes ipad faster in transferring data which is complemented by fast network speed.


  • Type : Tablet
  • Brand : Apple
  • Product Family : Ipad
  • Colors : space gray , silver
  • storage capacities : 16GB , 32Gb , 64GB , 128GB
  • OS : IOS 7.0.4
  • Models : WIFI , WIFI + Cellular
  • Height : 9.4 inches (240 mm)
  • Width : 6.6 inches (169.5 mm)
  • Depth : 0.29 inch (7.5 mm)
  • Weight : 469 g (1 pound) , 478g (cellular)
  • Processor : Apple A7
  • Processor speed : 1.30 GHz Dual core
  • Display : 1536 x 2048 , 9.7 inches, 264 ppi pixel density
  • Display type: IPS LED-backlit , Retina display
  • Multitouch : Yes
  • Speaker : Yes (bottom)
  • Headphones : 3.5 mm jack
  • Memory : Internal (16, 32, 64, 128)
  • Bluetooth :Yes V4.0 A2DP
  • Wireless LAN : Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Camera primary : 5Mp , autofocus, 2592 x 1944
  • Primary video : Yes, 1080p@30fps
  • Camera secondary : 1.2 MP , 720p@30fps
  • Camera features : HDR , touch focus , geo-tagging , face detection
  • Graphics : PowerVR G6430
  • GPS : Yes, A-GPS  , GLONASS
  • Sensors : Compass , accelerometer, gyro
  • Official website :


Wifi :                           16GB     :    $499

                                      32GB     :    $599

                                      64GB     :    $699

                                     128GB    :    $799


Wifi  +     :                  16GB     :    $629

cellular                      32GB     :    $729

                                     64GB     :    $829

                                    128GB    :    $929

Operating system (OS)

IOS 7 is not a big surprise for ipad air buyers as we have already seen this OS in iphone 5S, seeing this on the new ipad is what is most expected for ipad buyers. The official version of IOS For ipad air is 7.0.4, speed of A7 64-bit processor makes IOS i ipad even more fluid than ever. we know that phone and tablet industry is always in a rush of making devices faster. Making devices milliseconds faster doesn’t have a huge effect when it comes to use of device in day-to-day life,  but when you compare this to ipad 3 or any older device difference in speed is clearly visible. Now a days Android is getting sharper and refined so Apple took a huge step in changing the whole interface of IOS.


This new refined IOS gives a new feel to the look, like parallax which makes the wallpaper move with the motion of the device, when we tilt the device the image gives a 3D effect. New dynamic wallpaers makes the whole thing live, new set of icons gives it a modern yet classy look.

Notification center is one more thing added to IOS7 this helps in accessing the features directly by swiping up from bottom this give access to controls like wifi, airplane mode, bluetooth, do not disturb, brightness, music, flash light, timer, calculator, camera.

Now search option can be accessed form anywhere in the home screen, even siri is more refined than ever over all IOS7 more user-friendly than ever. This is a much need upgrade as android is stuffing more and more features in their devices.


Browsing is one of the best experience one can do on a tablet, and in ipad air with retina makes this experience even more delightful. Default browser of Ipad is Safari which is quite decent and plain as far as looks are concerned, but at the same time it has ample of buttons placed at the top bar of safari, safari has got a clean look which compliments the IOS interface. Wide screen of ipad gives an ease to the readability, and sharing content to twitter and Facebook is easier as a button is places at the top bar of the browser.


Default browser of ipad air can do most of the work but when to it comes to getting most out browsing experience third-party browser apps gives you flexibility to get what you like to do with your browsing. App store has quite a few browser apps which can fit in your list you your don’t want to use default browser.

To make browsing more enjoyable Good network connection and speed is must, when online we want every thing to be quick. This is achieved by apple MIMO technology, this make wifi network strong and improves the range of ipad air for network connection which means you can go even far than before without having to worry about getting disconnected from the router.

Android Tablets are one of the main competition of apple ipad air, android has a default chrome browser which is very impressive when it come to usability, Safari in 9.7 inch ipad air screen does wonders too, cleaner look of safari totally compliments the simple yet elegant body of ipad air.


Apple has always tried to make thing’s simpler yet usable and with Ipad air browser and its body looks satisfies these qualities of apple, and makes it one of the top-notch in tablets in market.


Music is one factor which gives apple products a benefit over any other device in market, still when we think of getting an ipad, music is not the first thing that comes to our mind. But in ipad air music a big plus over other tablets as we can play high bit rate music flawlessly, enjoy it via wireless bluetooth speakers. ipad creates outstanding sound quality when connected to speakers or to headphones.


Music player of Ipad looks as if apple has stretched the music player of Iphone 5s to fit the width leaving the space at the sides empty, which gave a feeling that apple has to do a little work on music player layout.


Video is a mesmerizing experience on the marvelous 9.7 inch retina display, it doesn’t matter whether you got it downloaded, playing it online or manually stored it in the device, the video experience in this real like display makes video more vibrant. If you like to play download videos of high quality we suggest you to buy a high-capacity storage model of ipad air.


If you are to transfer videos to you new shiny ipad air, lets us tell you that itunes (which is the only way of transferring videos to ipad) only lets you transfer videos of specific bit rate. Don’t get disappointed if you’re not able to get you favorite video on your new ipad, there are various third-party apps in app store that can do this for you.


One of the most important factor for a device to survive in the market is how long can it go in one charge, we get irritated when most of the time device is on the charging plug. We all accept that charging phone or tablet bugs us all, and we want our tablet to go forever on one charge but sadly this is not possible.


The good news is that ipad air goes up-to 10 hrs on a single charge, we can assume that standby time will be great too, long battery life means we can browse longer, watch our favorite videos, stream your episode of “The big bang theory”, listen to music, play games, there are a lot of thing one can do with a great battery life.

Ipad air good battery life comes from a 32.4wh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and to use the battery more efficiently The new A7 64 bit chip lends a helping hand. A7 chip is not only fast but saves a lot of power too in adition to A7 chip there is a M7 chip  to control motions which makes the battery last longer.

Cases and covers

Every one wants their brand new shiny ipad air to remain shiny and new forever, only for this reason cases and covers are important, cases was launched with ipad 2 but now they are bit refined and more beautiful.


Ipad air cover will cost you $39 where as a case will be a $79 with free shipping, the front cover of the case has three folds in it. Front cover of the case has magnets in it which attract the magnets of the ipad air, and the front cover cling to the screen of the ipad air.

Case or cover adds to the weight of ipad air, how little it may be, here’s a tip if you want to use ipad air for long time remove the cover as it can get in way and adds to the ipad air.


There are various options made available by apple in cases and covers, cover comes in polyurethane where as case comes in leather, you can choose one of your choice form the color options made available by apple. You can check all the colors at apple store.


Over all apple ipad air is a value for money tablet, not only it is faster and battery efficient but lighter and thinner too. what we liked most about this tablet is that it has got a beautiful look, a 9.7 inch display makes it a delight to watch videos or read text, ipad air is a balanced tablet so our hands dont ache even after long hours of use.

Faster processing A7 64-bit chip makes this tablet distinctive, we all hoped that this kind of configuration will make ipad air pricy but apple priced it competitively.

There is not a lot of things you won”t like about ipad air, but a few which we didn’t liked are, music player looks like its been stretched to fit the ipad screen size and we missed the touch id which we saw on iphone 5s.

we also think that 16GB is a little less for an ipad but apple as higher capacity ipads in their line too.


images: apple

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