Microsoft offered Samsung $1 billion for producing more windows phones


Microsoft has allegedly offered Samsung $1 billion to keep on producing windows cell-phones


After Microsoft acquired Nokia, Microsoft is all set to make windows OS to  get displayed on most of the phones out there.To make this possible Microsoft has allegedly reached out to the Korean tech giant Samsung, According to the tweet by the Russian blogger eldar murtazin Microsoft offered $1 billion  to make mobile devices with windows OS. Even though Microsoft and Samsung didn’t confirm this news yet, but this is not the first time that Microsoft is in news for offering money for their mobile OS.

Now that Microsoft acquired Nokia with their hardware a software, Nokia became number one seller of windows phone. Now Microsoft trying to persuade others to use their windows phone OS in their devices. Samsung being the largest producer of smartphones mainly uses Android OS. Microsoft is trying to make their OS to show on more devices in market by offering money to the company for producing more phones with windows OS.

Samsung has been offered money as they offered Nokia, $1 billion yearly for Nokia to exclusively produce windows phones. If the companies manages to seal this deal then we can see some of the powerful devices from Samsung end being powered by windows OS. This step shows the eagerness of  Microsoft to increase the market share of their mobile software.


Microsoft is trying to get the big companies like HTC, Samsung to make devices, they are trying to promote their software as much as possible. Earlier they have even approached HTC for the development of the dual-boot phones. As far as we think it’s not about hardware its the software which is lacking interest in the market. But Microsoft is trying its best to pull the customers to their side.

Samsung being big in funds have the upper hand on this deal, but Microsoft threw a big figure to make the deal lucrative for Samsung. In business world money controls the deals, bigger the money easier to get the deal. This is where Microsoft played their part to turn Samsung to make more phone with their operating system.

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