5 best photo collage websites


Photos tells a story make yours more beautiful with best photo collage websites

Photos are one of the ways we love to express our feeling to other, photos can tell a whole story without saying word. When we see our childhood photos we go back in time to remember those cherished moments of celebrating our birthdays with our parents, that moment when we first visited a beach making that sand castle. These cherished moments which are captured in colors can’t be explained in words.


5 best photo collage websites

Now photos are taken and showed to people via various mediums like instagram, facebook and many more social networking websites. We try to show our life in the form of pictures, to make it more beautiful we try to make our photos more interesting. We edit them and try to say a whole story in a visual form.

Photo collage is one interesting way of telling a story, photo collage is a very nice medium to tell a story about our self or can make a gift of collage for the anniversary for our parents. You can also make a set of photo collage for that special one with your special moments captured in pictures. There are various ways to make a collage that has a touch of your style.

Here are 5 best photo collage websites with added features to make an artwork.

1. Fotorbest photo collage websites

Fotor is an online photo editing website which has a feature of making collage online that to for free. You can upload photo from your computer, facebook account, flickr, picasa, directly from web of your webcam. You can choose from many designs which th website have to offer with built-in design templates. you can also have filter for your collage photos to add effects to the photos. you can also re-size and rotate your pics as desired.

fotor photo collage

Fotor has many more feature like photo editor by which you can crop your image or re-size it. Contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, color, tone can be adjusted. With fotor you can also make photo card like birthday, anniversary, holiday cards etc. Fotor have many more features like beauty retouching, HDR which can help a lot while editing your pictures and make them more beautiful.

2. Shape collagebest photo collage websites

We love shapes what can be more interesting to have our photos embed in that shape. Shape collage is a photo collage website where you can have the set of your pictures in very unusual shapes. Shape collage can also embed photos in the shape of heart, currency sign, animal shape and the list continues.

shape collage photo collage


Shape collage tag line is that you can make photo collage in less than a minute with a few clicks, what the say is choose photos you like to have in collage than comes the shape you want these photos to get embedded to and that it you are done. website will do the rest and you’ll have a beautiful shape collage.

3. Picture2lifebest photo collage websites

picutre 2 life is a free online photo collage maker website which lets you make different types of collage with an ease. you just have to select photos from you computer and upload it to the website. Then select a template from the categories which are baby, family, happy, Love and miscellaneous. Then they have elements to make your collage more beautiful. You can also add text with font and color accordingly. there will be widgets to help you to get your desired results.

picture to life

picture2life also has more features like you can make animated GIFs. you can add you custom touch to your animated photos too by adding a delay in picture and how many times a the loop should play.

4. Picistobest photo collage websites

picisto is a photo collage website which is made exclusively for photo collage. This free photo collage maker website has a more than enough templates on their home screen that will surely have one that suits your need. But to make a collage you have to be logged in, you can make a picisto account by sign up or you can also login by using you facebook, twitter or google login ID.



After login you just have to add your photos, little bit of editing you can also add text if you like and there you have it your photo collage is ready. You can share you pics directly from the website.

5. Pizapbest photo collage websites

pizap is a one of the most easy and interesting photo collage website to use, they have a very colorful and simple layout to use and understand. Many different shapes and styles are impressive, you can add photo directly to desired area and add the effects ,text, stickers and much more. After finishing you can download your photo to your computer.

pizap photo collage


The nicest thing we found about this website is every feature and button is properly places and easily accessible. This website is not only easy to use but also loaded with more than enough features that makes this website a delight to use.

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