Got a new Android phone 5 must have apps

must apps for android phones

Got a new android phone we are here with top 5 must install essential apps for you.

We live in world where phone is an essential part of life this is the most important tech gadget we use everyday. We use our phone from calling to messaging and connecting to our social friends became easier with the new Android phones. Android is not new in the market but this OS has a great amount of share in mobiles as this comes from cheap to expensive phones. Latest Android phones are powerful devices which  comes with lot of features and can run various applications on your phone. Google play store which is Android’s official app store has millions of apps so sometimes it becomes difficult for us to find the right one, trying so many apps just to find the right one can be a real pain. So we have a list of five apps you must install on your new android phone.

must apps for android phones

5 must have apps you should install on your new Android phone

1. Avast – Mobile Security & Antivirus – Free

Antivirus is a must have app for your new android phone. we have been using antivirus in our computers for a long time to protect our valuable data. There are lot people out their who want to access you data without your consent, this can be scary as well as dangerous. Android phone is a powerful device which lets most of its features to connect with internet. Going online without a reliable antivirus is like going to a war without your Armour.


Avast Mobile security & Antivirus is one of the best choices among the antivirus available for android phone.Avast is not just an antivirus but it has additional features that makes your device totally secure, you can backup your data for worst case of your phone getting damaged. you can block unwanted call and messages with a built-in feature this can also track and control your phone like erasing your personal data in case you lose your phone. Avast antivirus is a free app and all these features come with avast mobile security & antivirus

Alternate : Lookout

2. Facebook – Free

Social networking is an important aspect of life we grow, we use a lot of social networking sites in daily basis. We have our friends family and our dear ones on our social list. One of the most popular social networking app for android is Facebook. Almost everyone on the internet has a Facebook account and you can add your friends in your friend list.


Facbook app keeps you connected with others in this busy life you get to know what your friends are doing. This one of the best medium of being in touch with others.

Alternate: Twitter

3. Whatsapp – Free

Messaging is a feature every one loves every carrier give a facility of texting. This feature is enhanced by whatsapp messenger  which lets you connect with the help of stored phone numbers. With this you can send photos videos without giving MMS charges which saves a lot of money. This one of the most popular app in Google play store so can find many of your friends already using this.


whatsapp has group feature which can be used for discussions its like you can keep a group of people talking while being at different places. Whatsapp is a free app for first year in android so this is must have app for you new android phone

Alternate: Skype

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4. Snapseed – Free

Now a days photography is mostly done through mobile phone. Even though phone camera takes nice shots but we still find a need for fine tuning our photos. Snapseed is one of the best app in the photo editing category with lot of filters to customize and tune up you photos to make them more beautiful.


Snapseed is a powerful tool with which you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping  and much more. This app is real easy to use and you can directly upload your photos to Google plus, facebook or twitter. You can also print your photos directly from within the app by connecting with compatible printer.

Alternate : Aviary

5. Quick Office – Free

In our daily work we use office files like Word. PowerPoint, Excel etc. To use these kind of files on  our phone we need an app speacialy for this purpose. Quick office is one of the app which is designed for these files, In this you can view edit or create files and can share them.


Quick office is easy to use and reliable app, this app is designed by Google so we working on android is very smooth.

Alternate : Kingsoft office

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