Gmail new update do you really need to worry for privacy

gmail update google plus

Email is one of the most private and secure place we have on the internet. Every one on the internet has an email account for personal and professional purpose, Gmail is one of the most popular email service now a days here we receive pictures and videos of dear ones emails from our office and work.

gmail update google plus

Email is something we use as place where we can be contacted by those who has our email address, well this wont be the case anymore as Google’s new Gmail new update lets Google plus user to email you without having your email address. This update will enable strangers to email you without knowing your email account.

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Now google plus users can email you without knowing your email

These email will land in your inbox as a regular email without them knowing your email ID unless you reply to them. If you think that you’ll be spammed by lot of emails then don’t be worried first of all these kind of emails will be in your social inbox that is your second inbox where you get your social emails.

gmail update google plus

This update will make many fear that they will get emails from a user they don’t even know, if you don’t respond to email sent by an unknown person who is not in your Google + circle than he wont be able to send you more emails means only one email can be sent to an unknown person. If you know a person and responds to email then you’ll get further emails in your primary inbox from that particular person.

If you want to completely opt out of this service then there is an option that Google will send you an email where you can change preference from anyone on Google plus, extended circles, circles to no one.

gmail update google plus

Gmail users will still have control over how they want their email account to be. With this you customize your email space as per your requirement.

This is kind of forced Google+ feature which is going to emerge on Gmail. Many people have already started criticizing this feature on social networking websites


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