worlds biggest samsung 110-inch Ultra HDTV on sale monday



New king size 110 inches HDTV all set to swirl up market.

Samsung is finally going to launch its 110 inches ultra HDTV this Monday. Samsung is targeting the upper end of the market which mainly consists of large companies, institutions and Government offices. The price is not  yet been disclosed by company but we can guess that if we are talking about the biggest TV in the world then the price will be according to this gigantic TV.

To make this TV more realistic Samsung squeezed 8 million pixels where a full HDTV has 2 million which will be backed by Samsung’s latest graphic engine to make images vibrant. Image quality plays a vital role for a TV to make place in market as this one is targeting high-end so the features given would be top end too.

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Worlds biggest TV has a width of 2.6 meters that’s about 8.53 feet and height goes to 1.8 meter which is 5.9 feet. In CES 2013 Samsung Announced that they are going to launch a 110 inch TV by the end of this year. Company is going to launch this Tv in China and middle east first and then all the major countries. We hope to see this TV on the coming CES 2014 which is going to be next week.

Samsung had already rolled out their 85 inches S9 Ultra HDTV this year which stirred the high-end market. So the company is all set to make new standard in terms of TV. Samsung will also launch its 105 inches Ultra HDTV in the CES  2014. Many eyes will be on Samsung new launches at consumer electronics show.


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