10 best Free Media Players for Windows

media player for windows

Where we hear about media players then we get the good news that they are available in abundance, there are more media players available in the market then the choco chips in your choco chips cookies, This is good as well as a bad thing for consumers.

You must be thinking that whats so bad about this, there are more options on the shelf to choose from. This can be a good view to have so many media players sitting there to be grabbed by you, that to for free, then you must be thinking that i’ld like to have two then or may be three. Well you can get as many as you like but list is quite long for the media players available in the market.

media player for windows

There us a good news that among all the media players there are some who outshines others to make it to the top. These are the ones which are most favorable for your needs, Now be assures that this list will not contains windows media player, as this comes with windows so we will focus on the other media players that you can install to get a greater experience. So get your movie enthusiast ready to explore some great free video media players on the market for windows. Here we go with the list of top free video media players available for Windows PC.

1. VLC Media Player

This is the the obvious choice for most of the people, not only this player is able to play almost all of the file formats out of the box, this is not just an alternate for the media player. Instead this one is a complete package, with simple and practical GUI this player packs a lot of power under the hood. VLC media player has vast verity of codecs that helps in playing any kind of file be it video or audio.

This is one of those players who are a full package, beside of this being an open source package, this comes with the ability to steam videos. VLC is famous for not its security, this player will not add any ads, spyware or anything else that can be a threat to your privacy. It comes with the basic look and if it’s not up to your taste then you can go for skins, with so many options you can get the one that is cool to look at while being fully functional.

Download: Vlc Player 

2. MPC-HC Player

This one is a hit if you come at being simple and easy. This media player would have been on the top if Windows XP was still in circle. This was a great hit at the time of XP, but in the latter stage this project got divided in two and evolved in MPC-HC (Media player classic Home cinema) and MPC-BE (Media player classic Black Edition.

Among the two home cinema is more popular, This player can play the files with big size with ease. With a great library of codecs this one can take care of most of the file extensions, no matter how rare it is. For customization you can add toolbar and skins to give it a makeup. It also has an option to have a portable player on your removable disk, so that you can take your favorite media player with you without taking the whole PC.

Download: MPC-HC

3. KM Player

If you are a movie enthusiast, watching films are part of your life. then this player is the one you should be looking for. KM Player is specially designed for the people who like to have a great movie experience right at their computer. This player have a great set for features like support for 3D, 2K, 4K & UHD, making it your worth while to watch the movie.

Inbulit codes have the ability to play almost any file right out of the box, this player gives a cluster free performance even when the file size is big or you have a low configuration PC (Until the configuration is not too low). Option to set up libraries for video and audio makes it a complete package by which you can get a media player experience that will leave you addicted to it.

Download: KM Player

4 Pot Player

Why to go for Pot player when we have so many other options, well what Pot player have up it’s sleeves is something that will make you download it to your PC. For the start this player is available from XP and above, and with the machines with low set of resources it uses it’s hardware acceleration feature to give you a pumped up viewing experience.

Another great feature is having 3D and not only that this will also let you choose the type of 3D glasses you would like to use for the 3D video you like to watch. With a ton of codecs and ability to play large files like a piece of cake is what makes this player stand out. This is not an open source but still available free of charge.

Download: Pot Player

5. K-lite pack

If you want a holly grail of codecs then this is the one you should go for with option to choose the kind of package you like these guys have four options, you can choose from basic , standard, full or mega. Each one have additional features and codecs taht you will ever need.

In thi splayer you have the option of playing your videos or audio in MPC or MPC-HC. This one lacks in some features like streaming but still made to our list as this one have all the options of playing any format specially with k-lite mega pack with all the features. You can play files form any source be it a DVD, file or an external disk.

Download: K-Lite

6. GOM Player

GOM player is a nice player with most of the options designed for the use of a nornal person, this does not mean that it lacks in features, no thats not the case, GOM player comes with practicality in mind. As far as the codecs are concerned it comes with most of the popular ones and if in any case you need to play a file whose codec is not there then this player can go online to get the required codec to play the desired file.

If you like to give everything a sense of personal touch then you can give this player your own touch too by just adding a skin, skins are available on GOM player website to be download. You can choose the one you like depending on your taste.

Download: Gom Player

7. Divx Player

When quality is only on your mind then you have to go for the Divx Player. This player is the only thing that you need to get the high quality experience, the player does not compress the video to give you the optimal viewing experience. This one supports the populat AVI, MKV, MP4 and DivX formats which are the main video formats.

This player also have an in built media server lets you stream the videos to other devices with DLNA support. This is a feature packed player which is made specially for viewing experience, features like video regaining where you let it after you open the file again. In the end of the day with this player it’s all about quality.

Download: Divx Player

8. Zoom Player

If you like to have a theatrical experience the you have to get the zoom. This player was made for the ease of viewing videos, you can control all the major features with five keys. While developing this player, they kept is as simple as possible so that even the people who are not so keen on doing multiple tasks while enjoying their movie flicks.

Even though this player have most of the features and support multiple file formats. This player is developed to give you the home theatrical experience. Smart play technology help you play file with stability while using less resources.

Download: Zoom

9. SM Player

Now that we are reaching to the end of our list we like to mention another gem on the world of media players, SM Player is a graphical version of the popular mplayer that is able to play all the video and audio formats you can get.With the ability to remember the settings for all the files you play is what makes this player unique.

What it basically does it that if you have to leave a movie on between, when you open the movie again then it will be resumed with all the setting that you left it with, volume will be same, subtitles, and the position of the time you left it at.

Download: SM Player

10. Bomi Player

This is another player that you can consider for an amazing media experience Bomi has some of the features that no other player has to offer. little things that fails not attract your interest in the beginning get to addicted to them later in the time.

This open source piece of beauty is simple to use interface while carrying all the features that you need in a player. From streaming media form URL, to remembering unlimited history this player take care of all. The built in hardware accelerator helps in having flawless performance even on low end machines.

Download: Bomi Player

We are wraping up our list of best free media players on the note that, getting a player that suites your need along with features and flexibility is the best media watching experience.

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