Iphone 6s for $1 this holiday



Get iPhone 6S for $1 this holiday season, offer also for iPhone 6


As the Holiday season just about to start, companies are trying hard to lure customers into buying more of their products, one such great deal is given by bestbuy, where you can buy an iPhone 6s for just a buck.

Starting this Friday they will start to sell iPhone 6s for $1 with a two-year contract, you can choose to have a contract between Verizon Wireless or Sprint. Offer is available for all the colors, but limited to 16GB version only. This offer is going to end on Sunday, so if you like this offer then you should head to bestbuy to order an iPhone 6s now.

With holiday season just around the corner these companies are trying to reach every customer to buy their products. This is good for both of them, retailers and consumers both gets what they want.

This offer is also available on  iPhone 6 which is available on space grey model, and if you have an iPhone 5 or newer model to exchange then you will get a $200 gift card from bestbuy which you can use for later purchase.

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